AWM's Leeds University Contract and Photo Shoot

In March 2017, AWM were awarded a new and prestigious waste management contract for the University of Leeds commencing in June 2017 for up to 5 years.

As part of the implementation process, AWM are now assisting with the preparation of marketing and educational material for the University ready for new students starting in early September. 

Chris Davenport led the bid for the contract and will continue to oversee the transition and commencement of services starting on Monday 6th June 2017, with the support of his colleagues in the collection department.  

At the centre of this contract is Leeds University's Storm Jameson Court, which is where the photo shoot took place and it is the home to 460 students. As well as this the building is part of the 'Living It Green' campaign which aims to support sustainable living in Leeds and the accommodation aims to reduce their combined impact on the environment by reducing their energy consumption.

The University is committed to the national agenda for sustainable development and seeks to reflect best environmental practices in the conduct of its activities and operations.

AWM look forward to rolling out this contract over the next 8 weeks and would like to thanks Chis and colleagues for landing the contract and giving the evaluation team at Leeds confidence to award the contract to AWM. Senior management from the University will be visiting AWM’s Head Office sometime in May as part of the roll-out.






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