Recycling glass is of the upmost importance

The UK Glass Industry has the ability to recycle millions of tonnes of glass each year, but currently only recycles around 50% of container glass and while this figure has doubled over the last five years it still lags behind other countries. Obviously, much of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the business sector, as bars, restaurants and pubs alone currently throw away over 200,000 tonnes of glass each year into landfill.

Recycling glass is of the upmost importance due to the environmental impact of producing new glass as its components must be quarried, thereby significantly using up raw materials (1.3 tonnes per tonne of glass) and damaging the landscape, and the process of burning these materials in the furnace uses a significant amount of energy – each tonne the equivalent of burning 250kg of wood, or 315kg of Carbon Dioxide which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. And when you take into account the fact that glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable – without any loss to its quality or purity - there really is no excuse not to do it!

A wide range of everyday products - from bottles and jars to glass wool insulation for homes – can be made from recycled glass.

It’s crystal clear; let us help you to contribute to the environment because the world really is better when viewed through rose tinted glasses.


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